Recruiting the right cybersecurity talent while running a never-ending race against cybercriminals can feel like a ceaseless task, but security leaders mustn't get discouraged.

At a fundamental level, business leaders can look at the other side of the coin and realize the opportunities that lie in front of them from a hiring perspective. A lot of passionate people are out there seeking new, fulfilling career opportunities. Cybersecurity leaders can build and foster diverse cultures that are rooted in respect and strong core values that combat "Great Resignation" trends.

Developing the cybersecurity workforce

Fostering the next generation of cybersecurity talent will require a coordinated, industry-wide effort to educate and make cybersecurity careers accessible for everyone — at every age, race, gender, socioeconomic background or experience level. Organizations can help fund and support the next generation of security and identity professionals and contribute to a real, tangible solution.

Youth cyber outreach

Organizations should be reaching out and talking to students at an early age from all backgrounds about the benefits of a career in tech. Considering 80% of students will have made up their mind about their perceived ability in math and science by 8th grade, it’s important to reach out to students when they’re young and get them excited about opportunities in the field.

Recruit varied security candidates

Companies should also be expanding recruitment efforts to include candidates with less conventional educations — like GEDs or two-year college degrees — as they are often equally qualified but often disadvantaged due to external circumstances. Organizations are advancing economic equality by providing skills training, professional development and career advancement opportunities for individuals traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry.

Getting to a solution calls on everyone in the cybersecurity industry to take real, actionable steps that eradicate bias and reach people that are motivated team players unafraid of a challenge — and, of course, want to stop the bad guys. That will require us to think creatively, make bold decisions and break conventional ways of thinking about recruiting and retaining people we trust.