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    Preparing for extremism in the workplace

    Though extremism is not a new concept, the rise in radical and extremist ideals and incidents in recent years, puts this risk on the radar of security leaders across all market sectors. How can enterprise security professionals follow and stay on top of the threat of extremism and radicalism? With a strong understanding of their organization’s risk profile, security leaders can thwart potential incidents related to extremism that could potentially harm individuals, company assets, brand reputation or more.
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    Long-term commitment to security

    Take a look at CISO of DoorDash Justin Grudzien’s career in data privacy and security from building security teams from the ground up at Orbitz to solidifying best practices at DoorDash. Security talks to Grudzien about how he views security roles within the enterprise, how to avoid burnout, and how other security leaders can earn a seat at the C-Suite table.



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