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    Exploitation in the time of COVID

    BlackBerry Limited released its 2021 BlackBerry Threat Report, detailing a sharp rise in cyberthreats facing organizations since the onset of COVID-19. The research shows a cybercrime industry which has not only adapted to new digital habits, but also become increasingly successful in finding and targeting vulnerable organizations.
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    Why security has broken down—and what it means now

    Life used to be simpler for security teams. In the legacy world, they had a clear understanding of the environment they needed to protect—typically the standard LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP). Within this straightforward, relatively static infrastructure, they could carve out a network layer all for themselves to implement the security technologies of their choice. They also had a direct line to vendors to discuss the security controls that needed to be implemented. But in the age of DevOps and cloud, things just don’t work this way anymore. Four key changes have left security teams struggling to protect applications and organizations.



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