Seventy-two percent of information technology (IT) professionals are considering quitting their jobs within the next twelve months, according to a new survey, "Retaining tech employees in the era of The Great Resignation."

The survey from TalentLMS and Workable asked 1,200 U.S. IT employees about their views of the IT field and how their work environments could improve. With 7 out of 10 IT professionals considering quitting in the next year, organizations must consider adapting to make work environments more suitable.

When identifying the reasons tech employees consider leaving their jobs, the survey found that 41% of respondents listed limited career progression as a deciding factor, closely followed by a lack of flexibility in working hours (40%). The third most selected factor was working in a toxic environment, which 39% of respondents listed as a reason they have considered quitting their job.

Burnout could also be a risk factor when it comes to IT employee retention. Over half of the IT employees surveyed reported experiencing burnout at work. Those 58% were significantly more likely to consider quitting (89%) when compared to their peers who didn't report experiencing burnout. Only 48% of IT employees who haven't experienced burnout at work have considered quitting their role. 

Read the survey findings for more information, including what organizations can do to attract and retain employees.