The City of Cleveland’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), a division of the Cleveland, Ohio Department of Public Safety, acts as a command post for city, state and federal partners and agencies to monitor and align responses to planned events, including sporting, political and cultural events that take place in the city each year, and unplanned events, such as incidents where a threat to public safety may be detected.

The Cleveland EOC wanted to prioritize information visualization and sharing to improve event security in the city. The EOC selected Haivision technology to access and display real-time video feeds from over 1,500 city cameras and use this intelligence to collaborate with public safety partners when responding to incidents where a threat to public safety may be detected.

In anticipation of a major political event, Cleveland city management incorporated security technology including a video wall display, management software, and hardware, to power its new state-of-the-art EOC and support the sharing and monitoring of real-time intelligence to aid in public safety. Haivision visual collaboration technology in place at the Cleveland EOC lays the foundation for a common operating picture amongst public safety teams by allowing a range of content to be displayed on a video wall comprised of multiple LCD display monitors.

The video display technology ingests content from specialized monitoring software, as well as social media, cable tuners, smartphones and more to help with the decision-making process. The video wall system is connected to three separate locations within the EOC main floor and delivers the same video feeds across all three locations, synchronizing everyone’s view of events as they unfold for end-to-end visualization and collaboration.