A security services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah — Legato Security — aims to help users monitor for cybersecurity threats and provide managed security services. From political campaigns and local governments to small businesses and Fortune 100 companies, the firm conducts penetration testing, security assessments, monitoring and incident response, among other security strategies.

The firm maintains a security operations center (SOC) staffed 24/7 by a team of security analysts and a SOC manager. The organization faced a challenge when it came to visualizing SOC data and operations.

Prior to implementing a video wall solution, the SOC utilized a series of independent monitors mounted to the wall. "It was frustratingly slow and tedious to display the needed information in our previous setup," explained Jesse Stoltz, Security Operations Center Manager at Legato Security. According to Stolz, the independent monitors limited the firm's ability to quickly respond to threats.

To remedy this shortcoming, the firm selected an integrated video wall solution from Haivision to fit the SOC data visualization needs. The video wall includes 12 55-inch LCD monitors, CineNet video wall management software, and servers to accommodate the technology, among other parts.

“We communicated the dimensions of our space and worked with Haivision in an iterative process to understand and evaluate our needs until we collectively landed on a tailored solution,” said Tom Boyden, Co-Founder and CEO, Legato Security.

This combination of software and hardware is integrated with Legato Security’s security information and event management (SIEM) platforms and web/URL sources to facilitate the capture, selection, control and display of content. The result is situational awareness, real-time monitoring, and analysis of remote and on-premises security events for the firm's users.

"Our Haivision Video Wall System has helped us address challenges around immediate access to critical information and transparency of critical data and events for our clients. The system’s ease-of-use and quick access to critical information are valued enhancements over our old system," said Jen Greulich, Co-Founder and SVP of Security Operations at Legato Security.