When COVID-19 forced enterprise organizations to close their in-person facilities in March 2020, a popular social gaming company needed to discern how to maintain the functions of their global security operations center (GSOC) to manage business continuity in a new threat landscape. Although their facilities were primarily vacant, the assets stored within them needed to be as securely protected as they were when security guards were present in-person.

Before the pandemic began, physical security officers at the organization responded to over 100 emails and 500 alarms each day. Once COVID-19 hit the area, those numbers decreased tenfold. In response to this lower demand, the gaming company turned to a virtual global security operations center (vGSOC) model.

The organization implemented the HiveWatch Swarm platform, which helped lower operational costs by supplying a vGSOC and operators to monitor the lower level of security threats. Due to the Swarm platform, the organization was able to focus on other critical security projects with the daily operational tasks being monitored remotely.