The Asia Pacific compensation survey 2020 conducted in partnership between Asia Crisis & Security Group (ACSG) and Security Management Resources (SMR Group) is open and will close on January 22, 2021. 

The survey has been designed to ensure security, crisis and continuity professionals in Asia Pacific have up to date compensation data. Corporate security leaders based in the Asia Pacific Region can participate in the survey to gain valuable compensation information and metrics to help them in their careers and garner further insight about security roles. 

Once the survey is closed, the analysis and report writing period will be from February to March 2021. It is intended that the survey results be published in early April 2021. Survey results will be published on the ACSG and the SMR Group websites once it's ready.

The most recent ACSG/ SMR Group compensation survey was published for 2018. This survey has been updated to better reflect changes in the industry as well as looking more deeply into the actual roles and responsibilities when comparing compensation profiles. Where possible comparisons with 2018 data will be drawn in the final report.

Click here to fill out the 2021 survey.