Evolv Express by Evolv Technology is a no-stop weapons-screening system built to automatically screen groups of people as they walk through without slowing or stopping. Express screens visitors individually or together, consistently screening 60 people every minute, while automatically differentiating weapons from personal items, according to the company. Express is designed to address active shooter incidents by detecting potential shooters before they enter a venue, without slowing the flow of visitors or fans. Applications for Express include addressing workplace gun violence and school shootings, protecting iconic landmarks and keeping sports and entertainment venues safe. The solution can provide security guards with a real-time image on a local tablet, highlighting the individual with the potential threat and the location on the visitor’s body or in their bag. Now, the solution includes an optional capability that allows venues to screen each visitor or employee for elevated skin temperature. Evolv Insight, part of Evolv Express, is a new SaaS analytics solution that leverages data from Evolv Express and its machine learning and AI engine, and provides security and operations teams with a single, easy-to-use, self-service dashboard to view, review, analyze and gather key data like visitor arrival curves, total venue visitor counts, system detection performance, alarm statistics, threat categories and counts and comparisons across multiple business dimensions including sites, locations within sites, event types, system detection settings, time periods and more.

Image courtesy of Evolv Technology

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