U.S. Senator Mitt Romney will introduce legislation to establish a Global Health Security Interagency Review Council and the United States Coordinator for Global Health Security.

The new entities would be responsible for implementing the Global Health Security Agenda, an initiative launched by nearly 30 nations in 2014 to address global infectious disease threats. Other responsibilities would include: (1) providing policy recommendations on agenda-related goals, objectives, and implementation; (2) helping federal agencies with implementation; and (3) reviewing the progress and challenges in achieving U.S. commitments, including assistance to help other countries meet agenda targets. The legislation has also been introduced in the House by Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH).
“Our experience with coronavirus has exposed some glaring gaps in our nation’s capacity to respond to a pandemic, and it is critical that we are better prepared to coordinate global responses and exert leadership to address future health threats,” Senator Romney said. “By establishing a health security council and dedicating a new NSC position to developing global health strategies and coordinating responses, our bill will better prepare us to confront the spread of another infectious disease.”