Hector Erazo oversees all corporate retail security efforts across the Oportun enterprise, which includes more than 320 retail locations. Previously, he led the largest asset protection team at Rite-Aid drugstores, increased the internal and external investigation case resolution at Walmart and contributed to Target’s success in Organized Retail Crime investigations.

He was one of three pioneers to pilot a program, in partnership with the LAPD, creating the Los Angeles Area Organized Retail Crimes Association (LAAORCA) and the California Organized Retail Crimes Association (CAL-ORCA). “We successfully condensed service calls, improved law enforcement response times and enhanced the sharing of crime intelligence and collaboration by all participants,” he shares. “I’m proud to have participated in a local initiative that inspired the creation of LAAORCA and similar ORCAs nationwide.”

Since joining Oportun, Erazo has dived into fraud investigations, developed policies/procedures and is working on programs dealing with workplace violence and risk mitigation. He is building a retail security team for a mission-driven Fintech organization.

Erazo has built diverse teams and has been a cheerleader, encouraging all team members to invest in ongoing development and professional certifications. Many of his previous team members have grown into leadership roles within their respective organizations or have joined law enforcement with various agencies.

Erazo has been recognized by the city of Commerce, Calif. for his volunteer efforts. He serves as the president of the West Coast Chapter of the International Association of Interviewers. He is a board member of the CAL-ORCA Planning Committee.

Erazo comes from very humble beginnings and has overcome tremendous adversity. He has inspired many by progressively climbing the corporate ladder ethically, with empathy for others and has achieved a work-life balance. He recently earned his MBA.

His career advice is to view challenges and setbacks as opportunities to renew and invest in yourself. “In 2017, I along with many other corporate Walmart employees, received a 60-day notice informing us that our positions were being eliminated due to an organizational re-structure. I began looking for ways to invest in my future and make myself more marketable, so I enrolled in an online-accredited, tuition-free university, updated my resume and leaned on my family, church and colleagues for encouragement and support. After several interviews and rejections, I received a few comparable job offers and more importantly, began my journey in pursuit of my MBA.”