Dr. Chase Cunningham is the main pioneer and face for the “Zero Trust” security framework, which has become one of the most talked-about cybersecurity strategies. Dr. Cunningham created the momentum based on simple and action-oriented steps that organizations can take to simplify and secure their enterprise.

Dr. Cunningham is also a regular advisor to Congress and other federal agencies, speaking on the merits of a Zero Trust framework and helping to guide lawmakers and agencies on how to better protect the nation and their own networks.

At Forrester Research, Dr. Cunningham helps senior technology executives with their plans to leverage comprehensive security controls and the use of standards, frameworks and tools to enable their secure business operations. His research focuses on integrating security into operations; leveraging advanced security solutions; empowering operations through artificial intelligence and machine learning; and planning for future growth within secure systems.

He created a set of virtualized reference architectures for Zero Trust to enable companies to build and test security tools before deploying in real life. Dr. Cunningham has also created an entire educational track for Forrester around Zero Trust and a certification program for practitioners, security leaders and security vendors.

Dr. Cunningham has authored numerous articles and academic papers on security strategy. In the past two years at Forrester, he has authored 23 research papers focused on security and risk management. Dr. Cunningham has conducted 500 inquiries with companies across the globe to aid in long-term strategic planning for Zero Trust security strategies. He regularly advises C-suite executives, government officials and agencies, security buyers and practitioners.

Dr. Cunningham is the author of The Cynja, a comic book series and video game for families and kids specific to cybersecurity. Dr. Cunningham created the series as a labor of love when he realized there was no compelling or accurate content to help kids understand cybersecurity and technology. He recently helped develop an app – CynjaSpace – which allows children to chat with approved contacts and learn responsible digital behavior, while parents manage kids’ online presence with controls, alerts, time limits and activity monitors.

“I am proud of my comics on cybersecurity,” he says. “We have had kids all over the world email or text us pictures of their Cynja birthday parties or school readings. I have kids and I know that they don’t 'get' security, but getting them in on taking their own personal privacy and security is something I see as important as making sure they wear their seat belts. In addition, having your own comic series is pretty cool in its own right.”