Across his career, Grant Reveal has provided an inclusive structure for his teams, allowing for the empowerment of his employees to learn and grow and, through empowered decision making, to contribute to the success of the team and organization while also experiencing professional and personal growth.

Reveal has been an advocate across the enterprise in explaining the importance of InfoSec and how risk relates to the business while putting forth a solid track record of metrics and maturity that show a measurable return to the enterprise.

Reveal entered into his cyber career in the late 1990s where mentors were difficult to find and the path to a successful cyber career was basically uncharted. Because of this, and his passion for teaching and helping others, Reveal has committed much time to mentor and guide his employees and others whom he meets with interest and passion in the field.

Reveal participates in activities to help engage youth in both IT and cyber awareness and to show how they can translate their interest into future cyber careers. Reveal has conducted various CyberSecurity Awareness Month activities and provides Keep your Child Safe Online sessions to help foster parent and adult awareness for cyber risks.

Reveal is also an advocate for finding and encouraging non-traditional cybersecurity professionals from across all areas of business and interests. He works to train and mentor them and provide encouragement and leadership in their journey. In one example, Reveal identified a varied group of co-workers who were all new to InfoSec. He realized they lacked a common set of knowledge, which was limiting them from reaching their full potential. He volunteered his time to take them through the Security+ curriculum after business hours and help them build a foundation of cyber skills. As of this writing, three of the 13 attendees have successfully passed the Sec+ certification and are now pursuing additional learning and certification opportunities. In addition, eight employees from the training have been promoted and/or moved into new positions utilizing the skills gained through attending the sessions.

“I am proud of the impact I have had in mentoring and guiding employees and colleagues in their personal and professional development,” Reveal says. “When I first started in InfoSec, there really wasn’t a defined path and I had to find my own way more often than not. It is important to share what I have learned, assisting others along a smoother path to success and to help develop the next generation of InfoSec leaders and wrench turners so they can be better prepared than we were when we first started our journey.”