A survey by NordVPN revealed that many Americans are willing to disclose personally identifiable information in exchange for deals such as gifts, discounts or free services. 87% of respondents surveyed reported that they would share at least one piece of personally identifiable information, such as their full name, email address or banking details in order to obtain a bargain. Even individuals who had experienced shopping fraud in the past reported an inclination to exchange personal details, with 89% of this group expressing their willingness to do so. 

The survey showed which types of personal information consumers were most willing to part with. 

  • 54% said they would disclose an email address.
  • 51% would share their full name. 
  • 12% stated they would reveal their employer’s information. 
  • 5% reported a willingness to present credit card information. 
  • 4% were inclined to share their children’s names. 
  • 2% would reveal their Social Security number.

The survey highlights the importance of retailer’s constructing a robust security system in order to protect consumer information. Companies that fail to safeguard private consumer data may experience a decline in reputation.