Happy Friday, Security readers – Did you have a good Fourth of July holiday?

There was a theme to the popular articles on our website this week, as your fellow readers pored over our Solutions By Sector: Retail, Convenience Stores, Banks and Gas Stations.

Popular pages within the section include:

Webinar Review: Worldwide Shoe Company Enriches Operations with Video Analytics

Check Out the Robber Tweet

Skimming: Action Turns to Gas Stations

Banking on Security Integration

Megapixel Cameras in a Petrol Station

Organized Retail Crime Out of Control?

In other news, the features from our July edition were released online on July 1, and the digital edition is now online. Our top stories this month include:

Solving the Eli Lilly Drug Theft

Securing Doors in Schools, Hospitals and Detention Centers

Calculating the Cost of Megapixel Cameras

Using Education to Prevent Parking Lot Crime

Using Video Management Systems for Effective Investigations

Have you read through the July edition yet? What was your favorite article, and what would you like to read more about? Let us know, and you might see an exclusive on the website soon!

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