The keys to successful planning and construction of a new petrol station involve the cost efficiency of the labor, the structural engineering of the facility, and the safety and security of patrons and employees. With a high probability of incidents in such a heavily trafficked venue, video surveillance is a necessity to monitor daily activities for identification purposes in the event of an incident.

These criteria applied when developing the revamp concept for Shell Petrol service station in suburban Johannesburg. The contracting company, together with AV Enforce Electronics, sought out the most comprehensive and cost-effective security video surveillance solution for the new Shell Petrol location.

Arecont Vision’s multi-megapixel cameras were chosen based on their imaging performance, extended coverage capabilities and overall ROI.  Megapixel cameras provide panoramic views of the service station located in Kensington, Johannesburg, South Africa to cover the facility’s four pump islands and convenience store. The additional pixels and subsequent resolution these megapixel cameras provide translate into image detail for video surveillance and forensic investigations in both real-time and playback modes.

Alex De Barros of AV Enforce Electronics designed the system, which was installed by the company’s team of technicians. Watching over the exterior of the new Shell Petrol service station are three Arecont Vision 180-deg. panoramic view cameras while an Arecont Vision 360-deg. panoramic view camera keeps watch over all activities inside the store. The cameras are strategically positioned to offer panoramic views providing the ability to digitally zoom in for a close-up of specific areas of the larger image – such as a person’s face or a license plate number – without losing detail. An additional AV2100 2-megapixel camera is used to monitor activities at the convenience store’s cash registers.