Erikson Senior Living is updating its security measures with Genetec. The measures are designed to better protect residents and visitors. The various communities deployed a mix of video surveillance and access control systems from different provider and will now integrate its system. 

Erickson standardized their security deployments across all communities. The unified platform enables them to manage video, access control and license plate recognition across communities with a single user interface. They can continue using existing cameras and other equipment as well as add future technology as needed. 

Teams across the communities can monitor alarms and pull up video recordings during investigations. They also retrieve access control reports showing all door activity, cardholder activity and in some cases, camera activity. Standardizing on a single platform also makes it easier for corporate security team members to review incidents or investigate operational snags without leaving their offices. Automated license plate recognition cameras recognize resident vehicles and grant them entry or exit. Resident license plates are all stored within the system and linked to resident profiles. 

The new unified platform has also enabled the company to swap out physical keys on resident apartments for wireless locks in newer communities. Now, residents use an access control card to enter their units, on-site amenities and other secured areas. The new wireless locks also helped modernize resident welfare check-ins. Previously, a security officer would walk through buildings every morning, visually verifying that residents had opened their door allowing a latch to drop to indicate they were up, and knocking on doors of those who hadn’t to make sure all was well. Now an automatic report is sent daily to security teams showing which units’ doors haven’t been opened yet. They’ll then compare that to a list of unoccupied units to see which residents require a welfare check. Instead of walking every hallway, they can go directly to units that require further checking.