Following a shooting close to Northeastern’s Oakland campus, administration wrote a letter to the students outlining additional safety measures the school would be taking to protect its students. 

All of Northeastern University’s campuses are protected by a public safety department, which includes a full-service and dedicated Police Department, Emergency Management team, and International Security division.

While the shooting did not happen on campus or involve the campus community, Northeastern University has made upgrades to the safety and security infrastructure of the Oakland campus, including new technology, new protocols, additional public safety staff, comprehensive training and safe transportation options. These enhancements include:

  • Added proctored security stations in residence halls for access control and visitor management, including security cameras and alarm systems.
  • Additional shuttle stops to provide students, staff and faculty with a means of accessing amenities within the Oakland community.
  • Ongoing collaborative student training led by Northeastern’s public safety and student affairs teams, including student orientation, tabling and the distribution of information about safety resources.
  • Ongoing Emergency Management preparedness trainings for staff and faculty. An Emergency Guidebook was also published and distributed.
  • Hiring of additional public safety staff to support the campus community.
  • Increased public safety patrols and posts on campus.
  • Installation of new security cameras with particular focus on the exterior areas within campus and campus perimeter is currently underway.
  • A new Public Safety Operation Center for monitoring the campus centrally.