An increase in natural disasters, fires and other types of emergency events continues to pose serious threats to Louisiana’s critical cultural infrastructure. As a result, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (LEH), with the support of the State of Louisiana, is offering $5,000 grants to humanities-based organizations for the creation, updating and implementation of written emergency plans.

The new emergency planning grants will help organizations better prepare for and respond to potential threats, reducing vulnerabilities and creating clear and current strategies for mitigating the effects of future emergencies. Recipients will be able to use the funds to hire consultants or underwrite staff time to develop, update and implement written emergency plans and to provide staff training, such as workshops or other professional development opportunities, directly related to emergency planning.

Humanities-based, non-profit and public-facing organizations, as well as state and local government agencies and state or federally recognized Native American tribal governments operating within Louisiana are eligible to apply.

Visit the LEH website here to learn more about disaster preparedness for cultural organizations.