Security leaders rely on video surveillance to identify and mitigate threats. Professionals across the industry, from security operations center (SOC) employees to first responders, use surveillance technology and tools such as drones and discrete Internet Protocol (IP) cameras to secure their assets and communities.

Security magazine spotlights video surveillance solutions that can support visibility and security posture at various organizations.

Backstreet Surveillance

Helps Enable 360-Degree Surveillance With One Camera


Backstreet Surveillance’s Backstreet Cyber Secure Series is an IP-based video surveillance system including advanced deep learning artificial intelligence (AI), peer-to-peer remote access, automated motion tracking, gunshot detection and location ID, 24-hour color night vision video technology, facial detection, profile identification and people counting. The video surveillance system includes a 360-degree camera with image processing software that can allow 16 different viewing angles from the camera. This camera is also equipped with two-way audio. Image courtesy of Backstreet Surveillance

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Essence Group

Identifies and Responds to Facility Intruders

Essence Group

MyShield, a 5G-connected intruder prevention system from Essence Group, can surveil facilities with a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector, a camera with recording capabilities for video verification, two-way voice communication, and a smoke diffuser that fills a room within seconds with a veil of harmless smoke to force intruders out of premises. The battery-powered solution incorporates a cloud-based services platform, including reporting and analytical tools, to identify and discourage intruders. Image courtesy of Essence Group

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Determines Suspicious Vehicle Information

suspicious Vehicle Information

Genetec’s AutoVu Cloudrunner is a cloud-based vehicle-centric investigation system (VCIS) that can help detect, analyze and securely store vehicle identification data to support public safety investigations. Coupled with hotlist notifications and live monitoring capabilities, Cloudrunner can help security officers locate suspects on the move, so they can intervene immediately. The solution uses the Cloudrunner CR-H2, a solar-powered automated license plate recognition (ALPR) camera. The VCIS can identify vehicle color and type, as well as behavior analytics, such as speed estimation and direction of travel, so investigators can narrow their search. Image courtesy of Genetec

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Flashes Light and Sound to Deter Intruders

Deter Intruders

Hikvision’s AcuSense Audio and Strobe Light Camera Series combines machine learning with strobe lighting and audio warnings in an effort to deter intruders. The cameras aim to classify humans and vehicles accurately and filter out innocuous motion events caused by animals, inclement weather or foliage. Users can pre-record audio messages that play at up to 60 dB from a built-in speaker. When an event occurs, the solution also sends instant event notifications to system administrators via an app. The cameras are available in fixed turret, fixed bullet and speed dome configurations with resolutions ranging from 4 MP to 8 MP. Image courtesy of Hikvision

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Monitors Open-Air Assets

Open-Air Assets

The iDter solution is an automated security package aiming to secure open-air assets in need of deterrent protection. iDter can be used as a standalone security system or to augment guard services with integrated technology at the protected premises. The solution includes AI deep learning, cloud video storage and video verified monitoring with dispatch to public safety answering points (PSAP). Nodes from Niō are positioned around the protected premises to detect intrusion with a 4K HD resolution camera with wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, omni-directional microphone and quad-core intelligence. Image courtesy of iDter

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Johnson Controls

Sends Video Surveillance Clips During Alarm Events

Alarm Events

CHeKT Visual Alarm Verification, a Johnson Controls partner technology, uses automation to send users a video clip when a building alarm is triggered. Through its 24/7 monitoring center, Johnson Controls operators share a real-time video via text message with a pre-selected list of contacts, allowing users to view the clip on their mobile devices. Users then have two minutes to select whether they want to alert the police or disregard the alarm before the operator intervenes. This solution can help prevent false alarm dispatch and works with most open network video interface forum (ONVIF) cameras. Image courtesy of Johnson Controls

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Panasonic i-PRO

Captures Footage in Low-Light Areas

 Footage in Low-Light Areas

i-PRO has added a multi-sensor camera to its S-series of AI cameras. The surveillance camera uses four AI analytics applications and is available with three or four imaging sensors in 4K, 6MP and 4MP resolution. The multi-sensor camera’s AI aims to detect people and vehicles and optimize images. The camera body was designed to be thin, which may help the surveillance technology remain discrete. Infrared LED lighting on some models can help capture images in dark environments. The multi-sensor camera includes FIPS 140-2 level 3 encryption and level 3 compliance, tamper-resistant technology and identity-based authentication. Image courtesy of i-PRO

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Prosegur Security

Helps Secure Retail Stores With Advertisement Integration

Advertisement Integration

EVO from Prosegur Security is a surveillance system that integrates an advertising platform into the tool. The EVO system features monitors that play retailer-approved ads at store entrances. The EVO system is built on an electronic article surveillance (EAS) media integration platform developed by Prosegur’s partner INEO, which can allow for remote management of ads across the entire store chain. With its built-in camera feature, EVO records 15 seconds of an alarm incident and sends an instant notification for review. The platform aims to monitor store traffic counts as well as demographic data of visitors. Image courtesy of Prosegur Security

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Securitas and Quanergy

Equips Remote and Temporary Locations With Surveillance

Securitas and Quanergy

Quanergy Systems, Inc. and Securitas France have partnered to integrate 3D light detection and ranging (LiDAR) into a remote mobile surveillance solution, Mobile Cam 3D. The surveillance tool aims to secure temporary and remote locations like construction sites, storage areas and parking areas. Mobile Cam 3D can help security leaders with perimeter protection and intrusion detection and can be monitored remotely via a computer vision platform from Quanergy. The LiDAR sensors can help the cameras detect intruders in challenging lighting or weather conditions. With a range up to 200 meters in diameter, the LiDAR sensors can monitor large outdoor areas. Image courtesy of Securitas

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TechLogix Networx

Helps Expand Network Reach

TechLogix Networx

The TL-MC-1S1RPP media converter from TechLogix Networx adapts fiber cables to twisted pair cables while aiming to connect surveillance cameras to high-speed internet. The TL-MC-1S1RPP includes one fiber-optic small form-factor pluggable (SFP) port, one twisted pair RJ45 port, diagnostic LEDs for status and troubleshooting, and a 52-volt UL-listed power supply supporting up to 30w Power over Ethernet (PoE+). The converter can be compatible with both single mode and multimode fiber, depending on the SFP transceiver module used. Image courtesy of TechLogix Networx

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Increases Security Camera Capacity

Camera Capacity

The Cloud Adapter 16 and Cloud Adapter 64 Rack from Videoloft can help security leaders add more surveillance cameras to their security system. The Cloud Adapter 16 is the size of a deck of cards and can support 16 cameras. The Cloud Adapter 64 Rack cloud enables 64 cameras or recorder channels in a 19” rack mount. The solutions encrypt data transferred through the adapters to secure video footage. Image courtesy of Videoloft

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Implements a Command Center for Surveillance

Center for Surveillance

Vistacom SecureView is a command center kit with a video wall and display solution. Vistacom SecureView includes a video wall processor, 24/7-rated displays in multiple sizes and configurations, a 7” tabletop touch panel, wall or floor mounting options, audio system add-ons and sit/stand operator consoles. It includes comprehensive remote support directly through the Vistacom Managed Services Team. Image courtesy of Vistacom

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Designs Security Operations Center Video Walls

Center Video Walls

The VuWall TRx version 3.1 is a video wall management platform. TRx version 3.1 aims to help security professionals build video walls with a user interface, including audio support and higher frame rate rendering. It distributes AV-over-IP signals and has an HTML-based control panel designer, scripting and security and user rights management. The platform aims to allow security operations center employees to design and manage a video wall without coding. Image courtesy of VuWall

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YUNEEC and FoxFury Lighting Solutions

Helps First Responders Identify Threats With Drone Footage

FoxFury Lighting Solutions

YUNEEC and FoxFury Lighting Solutions have updated the H520E drone surveillance solution with a Payload Delivery System and D100 Spotlight solutions. The H520E hexacopter for first responders can remain stable in winds up to 45 miles per hour and has the ability to sustain the loss of a motor and complete its mission. The drone includes a 1″ SONY Sensor camera, FLIR Boson Thermal cameras, and an up to 30x optical camera. Image courtesy of YUNEEC and FoxFury Lighting Solutions

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