A new grant assistance program from Mission Critical Partners (MCP) aims to help state, local and tribal agencies access federal, state and private funds allocated for public safety and justice technology implementation and upgrades.

Historic amounts of funding are flowing out of the federal government today to modernize the delivery of government services. Examples include the emergency stimulus funding passed in 2020 and 2021 for the pandemic response and the infrastructure bill signed late last year that includes significant funding for broadband infrastructure.

However, competition for grant funding also is at an all-time high. The MCP grant assistance program aims to provide the support that agencies need to make their grant applications as competitive as possible.

Participants in the program will be able to:

  • Access research, create alert notices and develop applications that align with grant guidance
  • Identify federal, state and private grants that align with their goals
  • Receive expert coaching and support in developing and submitting grant applications
  • Receive discounted grant writing services if agencies lack the internal resources to do so themselves

To learn more about the new program or to submit your project for funding support, click here.