Diversifying thought leadership is key to developing and leading a secure risk management program, according to a new book released by 62 Media Publishing.

The book, titled "Flip This Risk for Enterprise Security: Industry Experts Share Their Insights About Enterprise Security Management Risks for Organizations," features the industry insights of eight enterprise security professionals, including Bridget Guerrero, Rachael Tovey, Barrie Burren, Candace McCabe, Daniella Bove LaMonica, Sonia Travi Knowles, RitaBeth Crague and Sherry Tucci.

"This new book represents a diversity of voices in an area that is underrepresented," says Dr. Karen Hardy, the author behind the Flip This Risk Book series. "The risk management profession needs to expand the number and variety of perspectives when it comes to building a body of literature that supports the field," she explained.

Highlights from the book include:

  • tips for enhancing business resilience
  • key steps to business continuity planning
  • a summary of essential roles for effective executive protection
  • a checklist for travel and security

Dr. Hardy, a business and risk management professional in her own right, sees merit in expanding the voices involved in security discussions. She says, "When I say that we need to diversify the thought leadership in the risk management field, I am not only speaking to the need for gender diversity, but also showcasing the subject-matter expertise from different angles, personal and professional experiences and publishing that knowledge."