Heathrow Airport will install integrated checkpoints to boost security ahead of an expected increase in passenger numbers later this year.

The facility will first install new lanes with the HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX computed tomography X-rays from Smiths Detection. The integrated checkpoints feature iLane automatic tray return systems and Checkpoint.Evoplus, Smiths Detection’s checkpoint operation management solution.

The technology will give passengers the ability to leave laptops and liquids in their bags as they go through security. The CT technology cabin baggage screening system uses 3D images with low false alarm rates for advanced explosives detection and security screening.

In addition, Smiths Detection will supply a suite of passenger baggage screening equipment for Kuwait’s new International Airport Terminal 2, which is currently under construction. The contract includes the supply and installation of 70 CT X-ray machines (the same model as those going in Heathrow).

Kuwait Airport's Terminal 2, which is intended to become an international transit hub, will have the ability to handle 25 million passengers annually.