New CT scanners and body X-rays at Perth Airport are being tested and promise to increase the operational efficiency of security, according to a news report. 

The trial includes the screening of baggage, which will see laptops and aerosols kept in bags,a new body scanner and CT X-ray machine for screening carry-on luggage. It is designed to enhance airport security by improving the efficiency of the screening process and detection levels.

The new advanced security screening equipment is being introduced to comply with the mandatory changes announced by the Federal Government in May 2018, aimed at further strengthening Australia’s domestic and international aviation security.

The report says the body scanner can detect all foreign matter, both metal and non-metal, carried by a person to within a millimeter of the skin, and then pin-point it on an outline of the person’s body illustrated in the form of an avatar or ‘stickperson’. Also, passengers will walk between two walls, pause and stand straight in a relaxed pose. The scan will take less than a second and will be easier for those who have difficulty raising their arms above their head