A new social video platform designed specifically to assist job-seeking military veterans and their spouses in finding the jobs they really want. The platform, called VetStory was launched by nonprofit technology company Vouch4Vets.org. This platform will allows job seekers to quickly and easily invite advocates to provide short video referrals that can be embedded and shared with employers. 

By leveraging their advocates through short-form videos early in the hiring process using Vouch4Vets.com’s free platform, job candidates can transcend obstacles that in the past may have caused them to get overlooked.

“Veteran job-seekers often face an uphill battle when it comes to translating their service experience within the civilian market.” says David Brennan, Founder of Vouch4Vets.org. “Video is key to understanding the veterans’ fit in the private sector. Our new video referral platform, VetStory, enables Veteran advocates to share their video referrals, enabling hiring managers to get a strong sense of the candidate’s skill depth and problem-solving abilities.”

To learn more about how your company can work with Vouch4Vets, visit: https://vouch4vets.org/employers.