Cyberbit, provider of cyber skills development solutions, announced the launch of the International Cyber League (ICL), a first-of-its-kind competition that will determine the world’s best cyber defense team. The League will begin with America’s Cyber Cup, with registration opening today and closing on Monday, February 22. To determine the world’s best team, qualifying teams will face off against simulated cyberattacks in Cyberbit’s hyper-realistic cyber range, crowning the winning team as North America’s best.

The International Cyber League will bring together hundreds of organizations hoping to qualify for the ICL. Qualifying teams will be immersed in a virtual security operations center (SOC), using an arsenal of real-world security tools to defend against simulated attacks. Just like the real world, participating teams will not know the nature of the cyberattack beforehand, relying solely on their cyber prowess to effectively defend their simulated organization. To prepare for each round, teams will be provided with a set of cyber labs, where they can familiarize with the cyber range platform in advance of the competition.

Registration for the first event, the ICL: America’s Cyber Cup, is now open through February 22nd, with Qualifiers starting March 1, 2021. Organizations may apply and learn more about the competition’s rounds here.

“The goal of the International Cyber League is to highlight the world’s best defensive cybersecurity team,” said Steve Burg, ICL Commissioner and Director of Product Marketing at Cyberbit. “We’ve provided our cyber range, which accurately simulates real-world attacks, and offers an evaluation of how these professionals would perform in a real-world incident. Beginning with the America’s Cyber Cup, cyber pros will get to show off their skills, earning one team the right to use the vaunted title of the best defensive cybersecurity team in North America!”

Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit, said, "We are proud to present America’s Cyber Cup and look forward to the continued expansion of the International Cyber League, in hopes we can foster a future where cybersecurity professionals don’t face their first ‘real world attack’ on the job.” 

ICL: America’s Cyber Cup is open for teams of up to three members, from a single organization based in North America. Prizes include gaming laptops, smartphones, smart watches and wireless gaming headsets. To compete, all team members need is a computer, browser and an internet connection.

To sign-up for ICL: America’s Cyber Cup, visit this registration link