Security magazine and its partner for the Top Cybersecurity Leaders, (ISC)², is looking for enterprise information security executives, who have made and continue to make significant contributions in the cybersecurity space to their organizations and/or the enterprise-level information security profession.

We want leaders that are not only mitigating risk within their organizations and furthering the profession of cybersecurity, but those that are innovative, forward-thinkers and thought-leaders in the industry. The goal of the program is to highlight cybersecurity professionals who are making a difference in their organization and/or in the industry as a whole. Entrants and nominees do not need to be members of (ISC)² to apply to this program. Nominations will be considered based on the overall positive impact that their work has had on their shareholders, organizations, colleagues and the general public.


Send your recommendations and suggestions for future Top Cybersecurity Leaders to the form linked here. If available, attach a high-resolution photo of the professional and send to Maggie Shein, Editor-in-Chief, Once completed, make sure to click the "submit" button.

This year’s Top Cybersecurity Leaders will be honored in the March issue of Security magazine, in the digital edition and online.

Nominations are due by December 10, 2020. Send questions to Maggie Shein, Editor-in-Chief,, 847-405-4055.

Submit your nomination here