NCS4 is planning its 2020 National Sports Safety and Security Conference for October 12-14, 2020. The virtual event is themed around "The Way Forward" and will include a number of panels and discussions around COVID-19, venue and event management and returning to play and operations safely. 

COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed the landscape of the sport and entertainment industry, and venue and event management professionals have had to adapt at a rapid rate. Bringing together industry professionals from a wide range of sporting and entertainment organizations to share information, discuss strategies, and engage technology solution providers is critical at this time as we prepare for the new normal. Security directors and operators, facility and stadium managers, event planners/operators, law enforcement personnel, emergency managers, fire/hazmat, emergency medical/health services, athletic administrators and governmental representatives can sit in on a number of conference activities surrounding topics including:

  • Keynotes by Thomas P. Bossert, Former U.S. Homeland Security Advisor, Trump Administration and Don Garber, Commissioner, Major League Soccer
  • A Guide on Returning to Play
  • Athletic Competition During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Challenges, Outlook and Strategies for Non-Traditional Venues
  • Navigating the Bubble: Health, Safety and Security
  • Disinfecting Large Venues
  • Risk Management and Liability in a Post-Pandemic World

In addition to planned speakers and presentations from nationally and internationally recognized leaders in the industry, visitors will be able to access breakout rooms, a lounge area for networking and idea sharing, and virtual exhibit hall for vendors to show the most cutting-edge technology across the safety and security sector.