Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the launch of the School Safety and Victims' Services Research Survey for educators across the state of Texas.

The survey, administered by Sam Houston State University (SHSU) and the Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University (TSSC), will glean information on school preparedness during, before, and after crises such as active shooter situations or natural disasters.

The survey will be sent to more than 500,000 educators across the state and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. The results will inform a statewide needs assessment being conducted by SHSU and TSCC—the largest needs assessment on school safety in the state's history. This assessment will inform policy makers of ways in which the State of Texas can further support educators' needs regarding safety, mental health, and violence in schools. Funding for the survey has been provided by the Office of the Governor's Public Safety Office, and is part of the continued implementation of Governor Abbott's School and Firearm Safety Action Plan released in May 2018. 

"The State of Texas remains committed to ensuring our educators and campuses have the support they need to address safety, mental health, and threats of violence in our schools," said Governor Abbott. "This survey is a vital part of that commitment, and I encourage all potential respondents to participate. This will assist in our continued work to secure our schools and proactively address mental health among our students. I am grateful to Sam Houston State University and the Texas School Safety Center for their leadership on this important initiative. Together, we will ensure the safety and security of our students and teachers."