An LA Dodgers fan has filed a lawsuit against the team for alleged inadequate security and a lack of uniformed Los Angeles police officers.

Milton Flores was beaten by two other men inside Dodger Stadium during an extra-inning playoff game in 2018, says a news report. He is suing his assailants, in addition to Los Angeles Dodgers LLC, Guggenheim Baseball Management LP, and Guggenheim Baseball Management GP LLC.

The suit states that the team previously staffed security with off-duty uniformed Los Angeles police officers and both sworn and non-sworn security guards, but eventually began relying solely on security guards in polo shirts, diminishing safety by making police intervention seem less likely to troublemakers, according to the news report.

Security guards at the stadium tried to calm a physical altercation between Flores and his two assailants, says the report, but did not follow up. The two men were arrested after beating Flores.

The suit alleges that Dodgers management knew of numerous prior similar incidents at Dodger Stadium, yet still maintained a security force without uniformed LAPD officers.