Frank McCourt's financial mismanagement of the Los Angeles Dodgers paved the way for Bryan Stow's violent beating and subsequent brain damage, according to lawyers for the Stow family.

The Stow family filed a lawsuit that lists McCourt's "lavish lifestyle" and his messy divorce as reasons for why Dodgers Stadium was unable to provide adequate security detail on the night of Stow's beating. It then goes on to describe the ways in which Dodgers Stadium security was reduced: "Despite being the home-opener against the rival Giants, no security was present in the parking lot or by the areas where taxis were waiting. Moreover, the parking lot had inadequate lighting. The lack of security and inadequate lighting presented a perfect opportunity to commit a variety of crimes."

Frank McCourt has responded to the lawsuit. Associated Press reports: Jerome M. Jackson, an attorney for the Dodgers, said in a statement that the organization had been unwavering in its support for the Stow family and for police investigators. "But, to be clear, Mr. McCourt and the Dodgers will defend themselves against the allegations," the statement said.

The lawsuit claims that the Los Angeles Dodgers are liable for the attack because of their poor track record securing the stadium, which exposed Bryan Stow to "criminal acts of third parties." Also under scrutiny is the 10-15 minutes it took the stadium security to respond to Stow after the attack immediately happened, according to LA Observed.

Los Angeles lawyer Thomas Girardi is representing the family. He told ESPN that "The Dodgers have shown a total disregard for public safety. They've gotten rid of security people. They've had all these incidents at their games, more than other teams. There's also a known gang presence. What did they think was going to happen?"

Bryan Stow is no longer in a medically-induced coma but he still hasn't regained consciousness, says AP, which also reports that Stow is in "critical but stable condition."