The results of a recent BART survey reveals increased complaints from riders who say the transit agency is not doing enough to address crime and other issues.

The biannual survey asked riders how pleased they were with BART services last year. Only 56 percent of the BART riders surveyed said they were satisfied last year, compared to 69 percent in 2016 and 74 percent in 2014.

Satisfaction with BART safety, cleanliness and law enforcement all declined by more than 10 percent, according to the 2018 survey. Some 27 percent of riders stated they used BART less because it was too dirty, 23 percent because of crime concerns and 21 percent due to overcrowded trains.

Some of the top issues listed in the BART survey included personal security and lack of police presence.

According to the BART website, the agency has more than 4,000 working security cameras throughout its system and is "working very hard to increase police presence."