A new survey that looks at consumer sentiment and habits around online security in light of the shift to remote work due to COVID-19 has found that the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurring now more than ever. 

A Dashlane survey conducted by Harris Poll says that majority of Americans (59%) admitted to feeling more at risk online than ever before, and almost half (47%) are taking extra steps to protect themselves since the outbreak.

The study found that:

  • The majority of Americans (59%) feel more at risk online now that everything is being done virtually amid the coronavirus outbreak than ever before
    • Slightly more women (62%) than men (56%) are worried 
    • Older Americans are slightly more worried than those aged 18-34 (55%)
      • 35-44: 60%
      • 45-54: 59%
      • 55-64: 63%
      • 65+: 60%
  • Nearly half (47%) of Americans have taken extra steps to protect themselves online (e.g., used a VPN, downloaded a password manager, covered my computer camera, installed anti-malware software) since COVID-19.
  • More than half (57%) of Americans are using new or more technical products/resources more than ever before because of COVID-19 (e.g., video conferencing, password manager, online banking/bill pay, online grocery shopping).
    • 64% of Americans have some concerns with the security of these technical products/resources but need them for the convenience they offer right now.
  • Around one-third (32%) of Americans have seen family or coworkers sharing passwords (e.g., streaming services, online shopping, websites for work) more often now than prior to COVID-19
    • More men (38%) agree with this than women (26%)
    • Younger Americans agree more than older:
      • 18-34: 48%
      • 35-44: 43%
      • 45-54: 30%
      • 55-64: 17%
      • 65+: 13%

Not only is increased online behavior leaving consumers vulnerable, it’s increasing risk for companies as well. Nearly 60% of Americans are using personal devices for work during COVID-19, passing on the vulnerabilities found in bad online security practices to their employers.

  • 57% of employed Americans believe their work devices are more secure than their personal devices 
    • Yet 59% have used personal devices (e.g., computer, phone, tablet) for work while working remotely more than ever since COVID-19.
      • Majority of those aged 18-34 (72%) and 35-44 (57%) are using personal devices for work
        • 45% of those aged 55-64
        • 39% of those aged 65+ 

“There are obvious security risks mounting alongside the increase in remote work we’re seeing due to COVID-19,” said Dashlane co-founder and CEO Emmanuel Schalit. “Many employees that rely on their companies’ security measures for workplace devices are now using their personal devices to conduct business. This leaves individuals and companies much more vulnerable to online risk. It’s so important for consumers to take online safety into their own hands – whether they are on their devices for work or personal use.”