With school bomb threats, terrorist attacks, and other violent acts reported worldwide, government officials are making improvements to the security of their facilities. In fact, fragment retention and blast mitigation strategies are high on the priority list.

Tampa-based Solar Security Films Inc., one of the nation’s largest 3M™ Window Film providers, has been installing 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film’s Ultra Series on government buildings throughout the world for fragmentation retention and blast mitigation. This is because the fragment retention window film does not shatter into thousands of pieces when impacted. Rather, the film causes the glass to stay together. This vital security enhancement translates to less people getting hurt from flying glass shards.

“More and more, we are seeing fragmentation and blast mitigation as the primary reason for installing window film,” said Solar Security Films, Inc. owner John Centeno.

Centeno has been working with 3M™ Window Film since he first started his business 28 years ago. His company has installed security window film systems on schools, international embassies, U.S. military facilities, international airports, and more. Most recently, Solar Security Films secured all the window glass for the historic Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia.

When clients are interested in fragment retention and blast mitigation, the experts at Solar Security Films Inc. focus on educating them on the many performance advantages of 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film’s Ultra Series. This is due to the film’s proprietary micro-layered and tear resistant technology. 3M rigorously tests its window film products against a multitude of explosion and blast standards, including both shock tube and open-air arena testing. The product also protects against forced entry, chemical explosions and natural disasters.

Centeno said 3M has proven themselves to be the reliable choice for those interested in the long-term investment of a window film installation.  He purchases his film from Accent Distributing, one of three 3M™ Authorized Distributors in the country. For more information about 3M Safety & Security Window Film, visit www.AccentDistributing.com/Safety-Security-Films