Coventry, England-based Severn Trent Water — the United Kingdom’s second largest water company — uses connected personal gas detection devices to protect its employees and support its digital transformation.

Severn Trent serves 4.8 million homes and businesses in England and Wales. The company delivers almost two billion liters of water every day through 31,000 miles of pipes. A further 57,000 miles of sewer pipes take wastewater away to more than 1,000 sewage treatment works.

The water infrastructure provider, which services close to 40% of the U.K. population, will protect more than 10,000 workers across six water and wastewater treatment plants with the body-worn devices.

Earlier this month, Severn Trent began the deployment of the first 1,650 G7c wearable devices from Blackline Safety. Over the coming months, the water authority will replace their existing gas detection units with more than 2,600 wearables and associated services.

Severn Trent aims to use the wearables to detect gas hazards, notify both workers and managers of incidents in real time, and enable contact tracing as well as corrective action to be taken to mitigate future incidents. The devices are supported by a 24/7 live monitoring service, which ensures maximum worker protection with automated safety incident and health event monitoring, including features such as no-motion and fall detection and missed check-ins.