With bomb threats, school shootings, and other violent acts reported nationwide from the classroom, education officials are making improvements to security – including the installation of 3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Film.

Texas-based company, Sunsational Solutions, knows this first hand. Owner Jonathan Thompson has positioned himself to be a 3M™ Window Film expert for school districts in the Austin-San Antonio region. His company has installed security film on more than seven school districts, comprised of nearly 75 K-12 schools. He works directly with architects, school officials, and construction managers.

“I tell them that security window film is a deterrent; it’s not bullet proof,” Thompson said. “The whole concept with window film is that it is there to buy time.” Once the glass is broken, the film helps keep everything in the frame, rather than shattering and providing immediate entry. Fewer people are hurt from flying glass shards and there is more time for emergency officials to arrive.

“You want to make sure, as a parent, that your children are safe,” Thompson said. “3M Safety & Security Window Film is the only product that can be added to a school that works 24/7 for security even if no one is around. Cameras and key card access are equally important but are only good if the power is on and the person monitoring the cameras is paying attention.”

3M incorporates proprietary micro-layered and tear resistant technology in its safety film. The company rigorously tests its safety film products against a multitude of explosion and blast standards, including both shock tube and open-air arena testing. The product also protects against chemical explosions, spontaneous glass breakage, and natural disasters.

“The whole point of the film is that no one knows it’s there,” Thompson said. “We don’t advertise to the general public where the film has gone up so that someone could adjust their entry strategy.”

For more information about 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, visit www.AccentDistributing.com/Safety-Security-Films.