One of the bigger real estate developments to take place in the northeast in the 21st century will eventually include 10 buildings and 10 million square feet of commercial office space and retail and residential real estate. As the development grows, so too does the need to create a digitized and centralized security system, incorporating the latest technology alongside well-trained personnel.

With AMAG Technology’s RISK360 in place, the development team is able to eliminate cumbersome paperwork and logbooks while increasing the capabilities of the 50 G4S Security Officers. Integrating AMAG’s RISK360 incident and case management software alongside Secure Trax® guard management tools and AMAG’s Symmetry access control and video management software provides the site’s security team with an unparalleled view into the security program. These innovative tools work together to provide transparency and streamline reporting, allowing the security team to monitor entrance logs, view footage, and house all reporting in one robust system.



  • Client’s Security Operations Center (SOC) was paper-based, relying on manual checklists and email documentation
  • Technology was not being implemented. Radio communications and SOC staff were documenting incidents
  • Limited ability to provide effective metrics and reports of events impacting the campus
  • Inconsistent reporting criteria severely limited staff and security officers and their ability to provide value
  • Monthly and ad hoc reporting was cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring staff resources and significant turnaround time
  • Previous provider designed and implemented technology systems that did not work together for alarm response


  • Introduced RISK360 to eliminate paper-based logs and implement comprehensive shif documentation
  • RISK360 and Secure Trax deployed, allowing G4S Security Officers to document post inspections and daily activity
  • RISK360 collects real-time and near-real-time metrics on operational and security events
  • G4S Officers begin using new RISK360 event classification structure, designed with client’s specific critical information needs
  • Queries for client data were developed to automatically generate management requested monthly overview reports
  • Integrated systems for alerting and alarm management, streamlining the response process for critical action on alarms


  • Paperless approach produced a 40 percent increase in efficiency for operations center analysts without adding additional personnel
  • 2 to 3 site inspections every 24 hours provided immediate reporting and ability to run MoM/YoY reporting
  • Automated reports produced time savings for SOC staff and gave leaders information quickly
  • More valuable info coming in while at the same time manual documentation eliminated, allowing SOC staff to focus on monitoring
  • Fire Safety Director can run real-time reports to provide local fire department with logging and metrics, storing permits and forms electronically
  • Program increased the capabilities and efficiency of SOC staff during alarms


By introducing RISK360 and G4S Security Officers, the development team was able to centralize the security process into a comprehensive digital platform. Security Officers enter incidents immediately and can be assigned guard tours on the fly. SOC operators and security directors are able to run reports focusing on types of incidents, where they occur and how often. All of this is available immediately without having to search archives or email. The security team has control and peace of mind knowing they have the right information at hand to make smarter decisions.

As the site grows, RISK360 is able to expand, ensuring consistency across multiple locations, absorbing more information and delivering a view of the whole security program. What used to require multiple operators or command centers can now be addressed by a core team with streamlined consistency. By taking present concerns and future needs into consideration, and applying security technology that integrates seamlessly, this project now has the ability to scale up more effectively as it expands into one of most impressive real estate developments in the United States.