The House of Representatives voted to pass Rep. John Katko's legislation to find security gaps at Cuban airports that have commercial flights to the US.

The bill, passed by unanimous voice vote, requires the TSA to examine security at Cuba's 10 international airports and report to Congress on whether the airports meet new aviation security requirements.

Katko said his bill also requires U.S. airlines to make public any contracts with Cuban government-controlled entities requiring the airlines to hire employees for airline operations.

At the time the bill was introduced, Katko said: “This bill represents a significant step forward. In this threat environment we clearly have a responsibility to act. Our committee identified several security threats and acted deliberately and effectively to address these issues. Going forward, we need to continue our bipartisan dialogue with airports, employees, and other stakeholders. We must continue to address these issues in order to avert other future security breaches and make our airports a safer and more secure place to work.”