An accused rapist who was arrested at John F. Kennedy airport was found to have a powerful stun gun in his carry-on luggage as he was about to board a plane for London. Somehow, the weapon was not detected by airport security, ABC News reports.

Prodromos Vasilopoulos, 23, had allegedly used the weapon to subdue and rape his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend on Tuesday, and he was arrested at the airport on Wednesday.

Vasilopoulos was awaiting his flight to London when Port Authority police and Customs agents took him into custody, and PAPD officers discovered the 3,800-watt stun gun while conducting an inventory of the suspect’s bags while at the gate, the article says.

A spokeswoman from the TSA has stated that the Administration will be looking into the incident.

You can read the full report, including the charges against Vasilopoulos, here.