YellowJacket's $140 iPhone case has a built-in battery-powered stun gun that produces what the company describes as a "painful sting." 

Charge the case and press the activation button and you are able to shoot 650 kilovolts of electricity through someone's body. The case, which has been available for the iPhone 4 and 4S, is going to be available for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in a couple of weeks for pre-order and then will ship in time for the holidays, according to company's co-founder and president Seth Froom.

Froom, who launched the company after he was robbed and wished he could have used his phone for self-defense, believes that the YellowJacket is necessary to provide real protection against iPhone thefts, said ABC News.

Really in that moment when the violent crime does occur, we want to give our users a way to escape that situation," Froom told ABC News. "We want to give them a preventative step to where they don't become the victim in the first place."

Despite having sold thousands of units, YellowJacket said it hasn't heard of any instances where people have used the stun gun functionality, but company officials said they have heard from users who have threatened to use it to prevent unfortunate situations. Barry also added that the company absolutely doesn't advise that people use this if the thief has a gun. Ultimately, she said that even if people don't plan to use it, it is a very helpful tool to many, said ABC.