We’ve all heard the myth: Casinos are still using VHS to video the gaming areas. But here’s proof that busts that myth. 
The River Sprit Casino, which officially opened on March 30, 2009, includes one of Oklahoma’s largest casino floors, with more than 300,000 square-feet of gaming space. The casino features 2,800 high-tech machines, 24 table games, 15 poker tables, four dining venues and the Mystic River Lounge. 
This $195 million River Sprit Casino in Tulsa, Okla., which is owned and operated by the Muscogee Creek Nation, includes an impressive IP video system. The casino hosts some 1,400 IP cameras, which is the largest installation of IP cameras at any casino in the world. The River Sprit also incorporated a virtual matrix and clustered storage solution that provides more than 1.5 petabytes of storage and reduces the need for duplicate servers.
“The video surveillance solution provided by ConnectionsIT is an open system architecture that will allow for easy expansion and future growth,” said Jason Nichols, gaming commissioner for the Creek Nation. “Our goal was to incorporate the latest security technology into our surveillance system and to create a one-of-a-kind system that is both cost effective and easy to operate.” 
This system encompasses security products from Axis Communications, Genetec, IQinVision and Pivot3 to provide the various components that make-up the River Sprit video surveillance solution. The video surveillance solution is incorporated into the overall casino security system to provide live video at all gaming stations, casino tables, money exchanging areas and all of the public dining and lounge areas as well. The system is designed to provide continuous monitoring and observation opportunities throughout the casino and pubic areas. The solution offers complete PTZ capabilities, as well as the ability to detect pre-programmed events and immediately notify security officials. 
“The Creek River Sprit Casino offered a variety of design and installation challenges that we were able to handle thanks to my solution partners,” said Brody Carlson, president of systems integrator ConnectionsIT.

Audio and Access Control Upgrades

The Comanche Lawton Casino is currently undergoing a complete interior and exterior makeover to include an updated interior design, an IT system upgrade, the installation of a new IGT Advantage Players Club gaming system and a new modern building facade.
As part of the upgrade, a four-zone area audio system will be installed, which will handle all of the background music and announcement paging for the casino. The audio system is sound-sensitive and will automatically raise and lower its volume based on the noise level inside the casino. In addition, a card-control access system has been installed for all transaction cages, cash rooms, surveillance room, employee doors and other secure areas. Card-control access entry provides the most reliable and cost-effective way to manage casino entry and facility security.
The Comanche Lawton Casino was originally opened in 2000 and has undergone two renovations to expand the gaming floor and to introduce a variety of new security and operational technologies. The gaming floor at the Lawton casino is 18,690 square feet and hosts a variety of popular slot and table games. The casino currently employs 318 people.
“It is important that we continue to upgrade our casinos to create an exciting and fun environment for our guests,” said Sharrod Tabbytite, CEO of the Comanche Nation Gaming Board of Directors. “We were originally one of the first casinos of any size in southwest Oklahoma, but now there are several casinos in the area and it has become very competitive. We have created a special place here and we are excited over the future of our Lawton and Red River casinos.”
Tabbytite mentioned that the Comanche Nation Gaming Board is considering a future event center as part of the casino facility and the addition of a 100 room hotel to complement the Red River casino. Both projects are still in the planning stage.