Adding to its Odyssey Emergency Services Unit of Wharton, N.J., the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department in New Jersey chose Odyssey to build its new Bomb Response Unit. Based on a Ford F-650 chassis with an 18-foot aluminum apparatus walk-in body, this unit is ready for business. The front-end sports an Odyssey NYPD-style front bumper with a wrap around Teflon face. There is a side entry door, generator and cable access door and a custom compartment on the side with a custom ramp for their robot to deploy. In addition, a special hatch in the side allows the robot to connect to the vehicle and terminate at the control desk inside. The inside is equipped with heavy-duty compartments with adjustable shelves and roll up doors, high security drawers for weapons and sensitive supplies and equipment and a control desk for operations. A special insulated compartment keeps special film from being effected by hot or cold temperatures. By the control desk, there is a large flat screen monitor wired to a VCR, a rear body camera and the robot-mounted camera.