Workplace violence prevention bill SB 553 was passed by the California Legislature and signed by Governor Newsom. SB 553 requires employers to develop their own workplace violence prevention plans and properly educate employees on their protections.

Under SB 553, these workplace violence prevention plans:

  • Require all employers to maintain a Violent Incident Log of all violent incidents against employees as well as post-incident investigations.
  • Require staff to know how to obtain help from the law enforcement or staff assigned to respond to workplace violence emergencies.  
  • Allow an employee representative to be a petitioner for a temporary workplace violence restraining order.
  • Identify those responsible for implementing the plan, including roles, trainings and protocols for assessing and reacting to threats of workplace violence. Employers must annually review the plan.
  • Require employers to explain to employees how to report violent incidents without fear of retaliation, and how their concerns will be addressed.
  • Lay out procedures for responding to violent emergencies, including alerts about emergencies, feasible evacuation or sheltering plans and obtaining assistance from staff, security, or law enforcement.