OSHA has cited two Georgia facilities for exposing employees to hazardous materials. OSHA opened an inspection at Arch Wood Protection Inc. after screening tests by the Georgia Poison Center found workers employed by the manufacturer had elevated levels of arsenic. The agency also opened an inspection with Mullins Mechanical & Welding LLC of Carrollton, the facility’s maintenance contractor.

The agency cited Arch Wood Protection with nine serious violations for:

  • Exposing workers to inorganic arsenic at up to 20 times above the allowable exposure limit.
  • Allowing hazardous inorganic dust to accumulate on desks, food packaging, lockers, refrigerators and the inner surfaces of workers’ respirators.
  • Not requiring employees using respirators to remove facial hair that might prevent a proper fit and seal.
  • Allowing workers to enter regulated areas without a respirator.
  • Not requiring contractors to change clothing and decontaminate properly at the end of their shifts.
  • Allowing pallets of materials to block emergency eyewash and shower stations.
  • Not providing adequate eye protection for workers handling inorganic arsenic acid samples.

In addition, Mullins Mechanical & Welding received citations for four serious violations for not providing — and making sure employees used — appropriate decontamination procedures and equipment after working in regulated areas.