Racecars and cybersecurity combined at a recent tabletop exercise to test incident response plans at Kansas Speedway.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Kansas Speedway, state and local first responders and law enforcement officials held a tabletop exercise yesterday to test incident response plans focused on hypothetical public safety incidents at Kansas Speedway. Dozens of representatives from multiple government agencies and the greater Kansas City community discussed their roles, shared best practices and improved coordination mechanisms to help keep the public safe. 

The exercise was not in response to any specific threat, instead was part of ongoing public safety efforts by Kansas Speedway.

“Today’s multi-part exercise was just one of the many examples of the planning and coordination that takes place long before race day to keep fans safe,” said CISA Regional Director Phil Kirk. “Simulated events and joint exercises with trusted partners are important components of emergency preparedness.”

The multifaceted event tested responses to multiple cascading threats.

“Kansas Speedway’s goal is to always provide an enjoyable and entertaining experience for all of our fans, but that can’t happen unless we provide them a facility that is as safe as possible,” said Kansas Speedway President Pat Warren. “It takes coordination and preparation from all stakeholders to make that a reality.”