Following an on-campus October shooting resulting in the death of professor Tom Meixner, the University of Arizona (UA) has updated their safety protocols going forward. 

Based on student, faculty, parent and staff feedback, UA partnered with a third party to conduct an independent, comprehensive review of all aspects of campus safety, violence prevention, threat assessment, alert systems and public safety response, including a review of how UA handled threats in advance of October 5.  

New steps to enhance campus safety

  • Locks and keyless access: UA will install fire and safety compliant locks to classroom doors and expand keyless access to more buildings for building security.
  • Expanding criminal background check process: UA will expand its current employee criminal background check process to include all Graduate Assistants/Associates (GAs). The new process will take effect for GAs hired or experiencing a qualified job change beginning July 1, 2023. Currently, criminal background checks are only conducted for GAs in security-sensitive positions or who disclose prior felony convictions.
  • Automatic registration for emergency alerts: All students and employees will soon be automatically registered to receive messages through both their email addresses and cell phone numbers, if provided. All users will be notified when their cell phone numbers are registered and will be given the option to opt out of text messages. 
  • Online preparedness training for individuals: UA has also created a 12-minute active shooter training video for students and employees. 
  • In-person preparedness training for units: UA encouraged all departments and units that have not had an in-person Active Shooter Response Training provided by University of Arizona Police Department (UAPD) since the start of fall semester to schedule training during the spring semester.