The Department of the Navy (DON) announced their cybersecurity goals, the Information Superiority Vision (ISV) Campaign Plan, on Dec. 1. The plan is for the fiscal year 2023 (FY 23) and can help highlight a variety of ways in which security leaders can build onto preexisting systems to improve their protection. 

The ISV, published in February 2020, identifies focus areas for FY 23.

Optimize the DON IE for cloud

The DON plans to optimize the Information Environment (IE) for cloud by modernizing application and data hosting environments and diversifying transport. When optimizing, the DON will target the cases of Multi-Level Security and bandwidth restricted environments.

Adopt enterprise services

IT Enterprise Services, which enable the DON to “create once, use often,” will enable consumers to achieve objectives faster and more securely. The DON will enable a marketplace for these reusable services by reinforcing standards and best practices for IT service management.

Implement zero trust

The DON will continue its shift from traditional network boundary protection to zero trust, which requires all access to data and computing resources to be fully authorized, authenticated, encrypted and monitored.

Use data to fuel force readiness

During FY 23, the DON will pursue several data initiatives, including one to establish and execute the process for operationalizing and sharing data at scale.

Cyber Ready

The DON will continue moving from its current compliance-based cybersecurity approach in favor of Cyber Ready, a cybersecurity training program. Teams organized around the Cyber Ready lines of effort will develop solutions, select tools, and produce methodologies, policy, guidance and concepts of operation for instituting this new approach.

“This is a team sport,” Aaron Weis, the Chief Information Officer who implemented the plan, said. “Cooperation continues to be the key to execution.”

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