The Security Benchmark Report respondents are asked to report on their initiatives, their accomplishments and their biggest focuses within their security functions. Each year, we choose a number of security leaders and teams to showcase their hard work, innovation or dedication within different categories.

Editor’s Note: If a security program chose to remain anonymous for The Security Benchmark Report, then they were not considered for the achievements section.



Security Achieving Great Things in Training

The following security programs are recognized for their focus on training. Security-related training is imperative for day-today security operations, as well as continuity and resiliency of the organization. Training is often deployed across a number of different populations within the organization that would benefit from the subject matter. Strategic implementation of training can extend security’s reach and shine a light on the function’s value within the organization.

Baker Hughes

In 2021, Baker Hughes’ security team set a goal of targeting 40% (or 22,000 people) of its global headcount population (55,000 people) to attend security training and awareness sessions, which was a 70% increase compared to 13,000 attendees in 2020. Ultimately, 25,000 employees attended security awareness training sessions hosted by the security team in 2021, exceeding the annual goal set.

— Andrew Tosh, Baker Hughes

El Centro Regional Medical Center

El Centro Regional Medical Center successfully trained 100% of its officers in de-escalation and response techniques, and the organization plans to increase training in physical response to violence.

— Bill DuBois, El Centro Regional Medical Center


GuideWell strives to be at the forefront of life safety and emergency response. The security team regularly researches the market for new developments and technologies that could enhance safety and security measures. The organization implemented the LifeVac system to supplement AED, First Aid/ CPR, and Stop the Bleed programs and deployed appropriate usage training across the enterprise.

— George Frandsen, GuideWell

Materion Corporation

Materion Corporation’s security team successfully trained 2,800 U.S.-based employees on workplace violence, including practical demonstrations and drills during COVID-19. The organization also implemented a crisis management program.

— Monica N. Mellas, Materion Corporation

News Corp

News Corp’s security team completed best practices standards this year and implemented both enterprise-wide training and security awareness programs.

— Eduardo Jany, News Corp

Uline Shipping Supplies

The Uline Shipping Supplies’ security team has implemented a strong workplace behavioral threat assessment process and focused on training employees to be aware of potential security risks and report any concerns.

— Allen J. Innis, Uline Shipping Supplies

SOURCE: The Security Benchmark Report, November 2022


Security Making Strides in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

The following security programs are recognized for making strides in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). DEI efforts can yield a stronger, more resilient security function by preparing the team for the future and bringing in diversity of ideas and thought. Ultimately, an inclusive team will aid the organization in its agility within a continually shifting threat landscape.

Adtalem Global Education

Adtalem Global Education is proud of its commitment to diversity with a breakdown of 36% female, 64% male and 37% people of color employees globally. The security team launched its Zero Harm program and continues to focus on active shooter and security awareness programs, to name a few.

— Robert Soderberg, Adtalem Global Education


Meta’s security team focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) through Find, Develop and Keep pillars that enabled Global Security to represent the communities it safeguards to include under-represented communities, women, LGBTQ people, disabled people and veterans.

— Nick Lovrien, Meta

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania’s security team expanded its transparency and inclusion efforts and continues to foster strong connections with the community it serves. As part of this effort, the organization advanced a new position of Captain of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

— Kathleen Shields Anderson, University of Pennsylvania

SOURCE: The Security Benchmark Report, November 2022

Business Enablers

Security Adding Value & Enabling the Business

When security treats itself as a business, the organization can drive value to its function, gain more seats at the table and, most importantly, enable — rather than prohibit — the overall organization to grow, expand and succeed.

AB InBev

This year, as part of its mission to constantly evolve with security risks, AB InBev elevated its executive protection services, along with related awareness to the program.

— Tom Yarbrough, AB InBev


AVANGRID’s security team has built a world-class intelligence program that includes data feeds from the state fusion centers, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and regulators. Additionally, the program continues to invest in its insider threat program, which has recouped over $1.4 million dollars back into the organization from the cryptocurrency markets.

— Brian Harrell, AVANGRID

Builders FirstSource

Last year, Builders FirstSource successfully navigated a merger between BMC and Builders FirstSource, merging and integrating the Loss Prevention department into the company’s culture.

— Randy Johnson, Builders FirstSource

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments’ Global Security and Investigations team relocated its GSOC in December 2021, which includes new operational enhancements. In 2022, there was a planned expansion to the GSOC’s role beyond traditional alarm monitoring responsibility. Enhancement efforts include increased focus on monitoring open-source and subscription-based resources for events having a potential impact on Fidelity associates and business operations, strengthening the GSOC’s intake of workplace safety concerns, and assuming an increased crisis management role in Global Security’s response to safety and security incidents.

— Craig Magaw, Fidelity Investments

United Therapeutics Corporation

United Therapeutics Corporation’s security team helped support and enable the exciting science behind the first xenotransplantation of a pig heart into a human being.

— Michael W. Wanik, United Therapeutics Corporation

University Health Network

This past year presented all kinds of challenges for University Health Network; UHN was the first Canadian hospital selected to securely house, administer and coordinate COVID-19 vaccinations. This was unchartered territory for the security team, which quickly became familiar with provincial law enforcement and prepared operating procedures to support limited distribution of the vaccine, from the airport into courier vehicles escorted by police to UHN’s secured, environmentally controlled storage.

— Todd Milne, University Health Network

SOURCE: The Security Benchmark Report, November 2022

New Initiatives

Security Leading the Way With New Initiatives

The following security programs are recognized for leading the way with new initiatives. New ideas and innovative implementations can help the security function mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency, while also streamlining business continuity and enabling informed decision-making.

Churchill Downs Racetrack

Churchill Downs Racetrack’s security team recently modernized security protocols, which led to site-wide employee ID implementation. In addition, the Home of the Kentucky Derby is focused on growth, currently building a new 300,000-square-foot grandstand with an additional 5,500 seats, a new paddock project that will add two new clubs, several dining terraces, and double the size of the paddock area for equine athletes — and security is focused on enabling that expansion.

— Josh Ball, Churchill Downs Racetrack

Franciscan Health

Franciscan Health’s security team updated its patrol model to include additional physical and electronic security and enhancements that include updates to video and access control systems. The technological enhancements have reduced officer response times to incidents and helped reduce cases of workplace violence with injuries. The organization has also seen a reduction in attempted elopement from high-risk areas of the campus. In addition, the security team implemented a contraband screening program to help reduce the likelihood of illegal contraband (narcotics and/or weapons) within their facilities.

— Daniel Lempa, Franciscan Health Olympia Fields

The Jackson Laboratory

The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, implemented a robust international travel security program this past year. In addition, for the rest of this year and into 2023, the organization’s security team will focus on enabling a more tech-savvy workforce beyond the traditional sets of skills required.

— Brian O’Rourke, The Jackson Laboratory


Geisinger completed a security department leadership reorganization, which created a systemwide department including an associate vice president, two regional directors, and a systemwide director of training and special programs. In addition, the organization is working toward transitioning to sworn law enforcement staffing and has established a tiered system of workplace violence committees. Security services is actively promoting the reporting of workplace violence incidents and, within the coming year, each hospital campus is expected to implement mobile duress alarms for site employees.

— Sean McGinley, Geisinger

Global Atlantic Financial

Global Atlantic Financial Group developed security metrics for the first time to prove value, focus on efficiency and improve operations.

— Robert Shickel, Global Atlantic Financial Group

Sparrow Hospital

Sparrow Hospital implemented a canine program with a primary focus on narcotics. The program also detects munitions and serves as a de facto therapy program for the organization, as dogs are trained to allow for contact with the public. The canine program has increased accuracy of room searches for patients suspected of narcotics usage.

— Jerry Dumond, Sparrow Hospital

Wellstar Health System

One of Wellstar Health System’s security department’s achievements over the past year and a half has been increasing security staff by 59%. In addition, the organization added enhanced workplace violence training and policies; increased access control, cameras and duress alarms by 35%; added metal detection devices in all 11 hospitals; and enhanced facility security design, including lighting, physical barriers, etc.

— Adrian Arriaga, Wellstar Health System

Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation’s security team implemented its first-ever enterprise-wide crisis management program and plans to focus on its first-ever security audit program this year and into 2023.

— Erik Antons, Whirlpool Corporation

SOURCE: The Security Benchmark Report, November 2022

Retention & Development

Security Focusing on Retention & Development

The following security programs are recognized for their focus on retention and development. Many security teams have experienced the same hiring and retention challenges of organizations around the world. But security never sleeps and security functions have had to get creative, thoughtful and deliberate to ensure operational continuity and positive work environments.

AdventHealth Central Florida Division

AdventHealth Central Florida Division’s security team has seen significant increases in its quality of hire, overall employee satisfaction, and willingness for employees to recommend the organization as a place to work. Also, the organization had two security directors voted as finalists for the OSPA awards.

— Christopher C. Fender, AdventHealth Central Florida Division

Ballad Health

Ballad Health’s security team worked with Human Resources to request a wage market adjustment for security officers. The wage adjustment helped with officer retention. In addition, the organization armed all officers in the health system and expanded security officer force-on-force Simunition training, giving officers “shoot, don’t shoot” scenarios that could — or have — happened in a healthcare setting.

— Ken Harr, Ballad Health

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare’s security team has focused on the mental wellbeing of employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritizing mandatory work breaks for remote workers and exploring and implementing proactive gamification training for cybersecurity.

— Shiva Rajagopalan, GE Healthcare

SOURCE: The Security Benchmark Report, November 2022


Security Strategically Using Technology

The following security programs are recognized for their security technology implementations. Technology, solutions and systems can be extremely beneficial for security functions in improving efficiencies, security operations and eliminating or easing pain points, such as workforce challenges or human error.

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

In 2022, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care opened a new, purpose-built security operations center for the first time to emphasize and focus on security. The organization is also adding an RTLS System for wireless mobile staff duress, asset tracking and at-risk patient monitoring.

— Martin Green, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Denver Health Medical Center

This past year, Denver Health Medical Center added an OSINT platform to better monitor and track risks as well as persons of interest and threat assessments to manage responses to violent behavior.

— Eric Smith, Denver Health Medical Center

Gap Inc.

For 2022 and into 2023, Gap Inc. is focusing on fewer apprehensions to create a safer environment, as well as building stronger relationships and partnerships with law enforcement and other asset protection organizations. Currently, the organization is piloting radio frequency identification (RFID) and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) solutions.

— Chris Nelson, Gap Inc.r


This year, GoDaddy developed processes and deployed technology surrounding critical event management to ensure business resiliency and operations continuity.

— Jason Veiock, GoDaddy


Kimberly-Clark has made a significant transformation to operations by using security technology to automate routine security procedures, resulting in savings on security guard spend.

— John A. Johnson, Kimberly-Clark

Orlando City Soccer Club

One of the way’s Orlando City Soccer Club’s security team is enhancing its presence is through an app that puts vital safety and security information in the hands of every employee. The team developed multiple digital pages and each page links to QR codes, which are dedicated to each segment of the organization, including vendors, employees and each training facility. In addition to digital technology, the security team is focused on perimeter security, including adding bollards for vehicle mitigation and coordinating plans to fence and gate the external perimeter — ultimately pushing security screening further away from the venue.

— Robert Schnettler, Orlando City Soccer Club / Exploria Stadium

SOURCE: The Security Benchmark Report, November 2022