Kevin Johnson has joined The Beckage Firm PLLC, a data security and privacy law firm, as the new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

In his new role with The Beckage Firm, Johnson will work directly in compliance, risk/threat management, and develop preventative policies and strategies. With almost two decades of experience, Johnson has been responsible for securing critical government and private sector systems by managing diverse teams in application development, infrastructure and cybersecurity. He has extensive experience in vulnerability management, continuous monitoring, incident response, security governance, risk management, compliance, auditing and process development.

Johnson started his career by serving in the United States Air Force in various physical and information security capacities. By working overseas in highly stressful and rapidly changing environments, his ability to remain calm and adapt to any situation has proven to be vital to the safety and security of government leaders, critical resources and systems. Receiving some of the highest clearances available, Johnson has demonstrated an immense level of trust and competency throughout his time in the military.

Following his military experience, Johnson transitioned to a federal civilian, working for Navy Headquarters in Washington, D.C. In this capacity, he managed technical assets, compliance, policy and contract teams for an application utilized jointly by all Department of Defense (DoD) services. He worked with military leaders at the Pentagon to ensure requirements were met, demonstrated compliance with regulatory and industry standards, and provided overall security updates.