Seven U.S. universities have been awarded drone security research grants by the Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The grants total $4.4 million for drone research, education and training. Research will focus on three areas: electromagnetic compatibility, detect and avoid classifications, and cybersecurity oversight.

The University of North Dakota, University of Kansas, Drexel University, The Ohio State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Mississippi State University and Oregon State University are the recipients aiming to research developments in drone security.

The research initiatives and grant awardees include:

  • Evaluate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) electromagnetic compatibility: This research will assess the risks, identify drone design vulnerabilities, identify material and procedural mitigations, and propose guidance for safer electromagnetic compatibility with emitted and static fields.
  • Investigate detect and avoid track classification and filtering: This research will provide proposed metrics, guidance and test methods to assess the effects of false or misleading information on detect and avoid capabilities. The findings will support Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations.
  • Illustrate the need for UAS cybersecurity oversight and risk management: This research will address UAS risk management and cyber oversight as it pertains to the National Airspace System and other FAA systems.