The Dragon Liquid Natural Gas facility in Wales, U.K. has implemented a hybrid surveillance system, combining the use of IP and analog cameras. The facility, based in the Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, has the ability to supply up to 10% of the U.K.'s energy needs. Their original security system consisted of analog Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras that transmit data over single-strand multimode fiber via modulators enabling analog to fiber conversion.

When several cameras needed to be replaced, Crime & Fire Defense Systems tried to source drop-in replacements. They soon realized they needed to upgrade to an IP-based system, compounded by the fact that analog cameras were becoming less widely available. The firm sourced IP cameras and installed Perle Fiber Converters to bridge the connectivity between the camera's copper ethernet interface and the single strand multimode fiber surveillance network, integrating the new IP cameras into the surveillance system that was already in place.